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  1. Accommodation

    Gotlands Cottage & Apartments

    Gotlands Cottage & Apartments offers rentals of privately owned cottages and apartments all over Gotland and private rooms in Visby. Open year round! A total of approximately 300 rental items in different sizes, standard and price.

  2. Food & Drink


    The infamous Gutekällaren is Visbys biggest and most classical nightclub, situated in an impressive building in the middle of the big square. During the summer Gutekällaren is known as the partytemple #1 not only in Gotland bot probably in the whole country

  3. Hotel

    Almedalens Hotell

  4. Hotel

    Apartment Hotel Tjärkoket 

  5. Hotel

    Best Western Solhem Hotel

  6. Hotel

    Best Western Strand Hotel

  7. Bars / Tavern

    Bistro Baren

  8. Museum

    Bläse Kalkbruksmuseum