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  1. Accommodation

    Enaforsholm Fjällgård

    At the foot of Snasahögarna by the western mountain peaks of Jämtland on an island in the river Enan you will find Enaforsholm Fjällgård. A good place for activity and rest, as well as the start and finish of hiking and ski tours. We are open year round and can accommodate individual as well as small and large groups, meetings and conferences.

  2. Restaurants

    Frösö Zoo

    Frösö Zoo has since 1960 been on Frösön in Jämtland and is family owned by the family Netterström. During this time the plant has been continuously developed into what it is today.

  3. Camping

    Gäddede Camping & Cabins

    Gaddede is nestled among the Jämtland Frostviksfjällen. Here you can live and thrive in a night, a week, morning and evening, spring summer autumn and winter.

  4. Hotel

    Holiday Club Are

    We welcome you to a Holiday Club vacation together with your family or friends. You will find the perfect place to relax from a total of 31 destination alternatives.

  5. Accommodation

    Hotel Emma

  6. Hotel

    Hotel Hammarstrand - Camp Wild Life

    Whether you come to Ragunda because you are an experienced hunter or forest man or just want to get out of the silence and far away from the big city and a stressful everyday life, you will find the maximum recreation. Here, health, activities and good-value meals make your stay a pleasure for you and a little more.

  7. Accommodation

    Hotell Linden

    Hotel Linden is located in a very quiet and peaceful area, yet central in Östersund and only 2 minutes walk from the trainstation, near both nightlife, activities and nature.

  8. Activities

    Inland Railway

    The classic way to travel the Inland Railway is the power car (Y1) or railbus as it's known locally and is a day train. In the railbus everbody rides in the same car, we usually run with 1-2 carts, about 60 to 130 seats, and you can not walk between the cars along the way but stops at idyllic stations are numerous, festive and eventful. Choose your own pace and meet nature, culture and interesting people at your own pace.