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    In the middle of Dalarna you are treated with action-packed activities all year round. With breathtaking views over lake Siljan you can compete against each other in a breathtaking journey on wheeled luges on downhill ski slopes in Scandinavia's only parallel summer luge run. (That is 2 x 725-meter tracks next to each other.)

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    Skånes Djurpark Resort - Animal Park in Skane

    Skåne Zoo is one of southern Sweden's most popular destination with over 200,000 visitors each year and the world's largest zoo with Scandinavian animals. In the zoo's beautiful scenery you can experience hundreds of wild and domestic animals of more than 80 Nordic species and you can amuse yourself with a variety of activities. Each season has its own charm and the zoo is open daily the year round.

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    Skansen - Outdoor Museum in Stockholm Sweden

    Skansen is the world's oldest outdoor museum, founded in 1891. Here you can stroll through five centuries of Sweden, the Sami camp in the north to Skåne in the south, all in a total of 300 000 sqm of living history. Feel the history in the historic houses and estates, where chores such as carding, spinning, weaving, cooking and baking is performed by people dressed in period costume. In the gardens and plots around the houses, flowers, fruits and vegetables flourish.

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    Swedish Museum of Natural History - Museum in Stockholm

    In the Museum of Natural History anyone who is curious about animals and nature meet. Thanks to a variety of exciting exhibitions, films in the world's largest film format, digital 3-D and fun activities, the curiosity of the whole family will be satisfied with us. Or perhaps you want to go see a movie on Cosmonova´s 760-square-foot movie screen that gives you the feeling of being on the spot, right in the adventure?

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    Tomteland Santaworld 

    All of us have dreamed about being able to climb in through the open story book into the story and the adventure world. To feel like a prince or princess, or the hero who saves the beautiful fairy from the trolls. If only for a day, to live a fabulous adventure alongside fairies and trolls. And do not forget your wish list for Santa Claus! You can be sure to meet him. If you´re an early riser, you can join in and wake him up!

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    TouristguideSweden - Accessibility in Sweden | Accessible tourism

    SwedenCamping.se and TouristguideSweden will work to create accessibility in Sweden. We want to encourage the tourism industry in Sweden to consider accessibility wherever possible. Whatever your disability, you should be able to travel and enjoy your holiday in Sweden.

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    Astrid Lindgrens Värld

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    Funworld Nöjesfält