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    Hell´s Kitchen

    A new and rare exclusive nightclub of international class has taken shape in Köket’s old premises under Sturecompagniet. At Hell’s Kitchen, a bold and innovative mishmash of different environments and stylish touches flourishes in a small and intimate area. The concept reflects everything from nineteenth century Tokyo to the Rome of the Renaissance and modern Los Angeles, but nowhere has the cold hand of minimalism left its mark. The style is cosmopolitically wicked and playful, the level of service polished and impeccable. Quantity and quality go hand in hand here – each drinks table is waited on by its own waitress. Treatment that is unparalleled in Stockholm’s nightlife

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    Hotel Tylösand - Conference & Spa in Halmstad

    Hotel Tylösand lies behind high sand dunes outside Halmstad on Sweden's finest beach on the Swedish west coast. The hotel is designed for meetings, recreation, entertainment and art experience and is owned by Per Gessle from Roxette and Björn Nordstrand. Tylösand Hotel has 230 rooms, several restaurants and bars, a nightclub, art gallery and Spa.

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    Hotell Valhall

    In the center of Kalix, but only a few steps from the pristine Kalix River you will find four-star Hotel Valhalla. A landmark hotel that stands up well equipped to meet modern society's expectations of facilities, all with a highly personalized service motto.

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    Idre Fjäll

    A mountain holiday with lots of sun, laughter and snow. Life is so easy and this skiing adventure offers both laughter and snow. In any case, at least here at Idre Fjäll, that we can guarantee, because we have both laughter and guaranteed snow. Welcome to a winter holiday in a classic mountain setting!

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    Isaberg Mountain Resort - Skiing in Smaland Sweden - Adventure mountain & Moose Park

    At Isaberg you have plenty of opportunities for an active holiday, with most activities on your doorstep. There are good walking trails, you can go canoeing or kayaking, play golf, hire bikes or choose from a range of other exciting activities that will keep you active. During peak season we also offer guided adventure activities.

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    Laroy has established itself as a well-known institution in Stockholm’s nightlife. Located on the ground floor of the classic Arnoldshuset, Laroy houses a highly sought after venue right next to Stureplan. Here, the young and beautiful society mingles with party goers in a decadent atmosphere. The music is happy, spontaneous dancing is the norm and it is difficult not to be drawn in by the excellent mood.

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    le Bon Palais

    Stockholm's nightlife is evolving and taking shape. The city centre is expanding and the nightlife pulse has moved to Bantorget in the City. Imagine a powerful discotheque with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes you remember a time of elegance and luxury. A place where guests can be themselves and live out their desires with like-minded people to the best music from the 70 -, 80 -, and 90's.

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    There is a color with peculiar properties. Did you know that the color blue, for example, makes people relax while the color red increases the activity of some? If you mix blue and red you get…yeah that’s right, the color magenta. It paves the way for exciting contrasts in the new nightclub, Magenta.