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  1. Castle / Manors

    Engeltofta - Mansion with Conference in Gavle

    Engeltofta in Gävle is located at Gävlebukten's north shore. A sumptuous villa that offers conferences, guesthouse, restaurant and cafe. Only 1.5 hours drive from Stockholm. An archipelago with a wide range of fishing, boat tours and water sports are always present. The proximity to the golf course, nature trails and fishing villages, making Engeltofta a great place that has a great story to tell

  2. Castle / Manors

    Bo i Skåne - Stay in Skåne

    We have more than 30 years experience in holiday mediation. The company started in 2001 and about 300 cabin hosts with about 450 homes have given us the confidence to communicate their homes. Over the years we have become the leading holiday agency in Skåne and works with most municipalities in Skåne.

  3. Castle / Manors

    Bo i Småland - Stay in Småland

    We have many years experience in holiday mediation and puts the customer and landlord in the city center. Our goal is to provide the best service possible. A good cooperation with our holiday hosts means that our guests get more and better vacation homes to choose from.

  4. Castle / Manors

    Färna Herrgård & Spa - Mansion & Spa in Skinnskatteberg

    If you choose to spend a weekend or weekday at Färna Mansion & Spa you will get, in addition to fabulous mansion surroundings, you will experience a true spa hotel by the personal style that puts our guests and our environment first.

  5. Castle / Manors

    Hälluddens Cabins & Conference

    In Hälludens Cabins & Conference there are four different options of accommodation, depending on number of guests and what standard is required. In shared buildings, near the cabins, sauna, brand new showers with mosaic floors and tiles, grill, phone, and recreation.

  6. Castle / Manors

    Kohlswa Herrgård

    Kohlswa Herrgård is situated in the village Kolsva. The hotel is situated 40 km from Västerås airport and 140 km to Stockholm The surroundings offer the chance to participate in a multitude of different activities such as canoeing or fishing.

  7. Castle / Manors

    Korstäppans Herrgård i Leksand

    Staying at Korstäppan is a solace for the soul. "Here we often go back to recharge our batteries", it is written in the guestbook. You can feel the history in our carefully restored mansion that became a hotel in 1906. Around the turn of the century princes and princesses traveled to Korstäppan to recreate, breathe the pine scent, and bathe cold baths.

  8. Castle / Manors

    Körunda Golf & Konferenshotell