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    Stockholm Tourist Center

    Sweden's capital, Stockholm is spread over 14 islands between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea. In Stockholm, the is lively all year round with lots of attractions, events and activities. There are over 75 museums, 100 art galleries, 70 theaters, 40 theaters and 700 restaurants. Gamla Stan, the oldest part of Stockholm, where most of the houses dates from 1600 - and 1700's.

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    SwedenCamping.se - Campsites in Sweden, Cabins & Cottages in Sweden

    SwedenCamping.se presents all the best campgrounds in Sweden. Caravans, cabins, tents, camper vans and stopover parking for your motorhome all in one camping website.

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    Swedish Museum of Natural History - Museum in Stockholm

    In the Museum of Natural History anyone who is curious about animals and nature meet. Thanks to a variety of exciting exhibitions, films in the world's largest film format, digital 3-D and fun activities, the curiosity of the whole family will be satisfied with us. Or perhaps you want to go see a movie on Cosmonova´s 760-square-foot movie screen that gives you the feeling of being on the spot, right in the adventure?

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    TaxiKurir - Best fixed price taxi in Sweden

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    TouristguideSweden - Accessibility in Sweden | Accessible tourism

    SwedenCamping.se and TouristguideSweden will work to create accessibility in Sweden. We want to encourage the tourism industry in Sweden to consider accessibility wherever possible. Whatever your disability, you should be able to travel and enjoy your holiday in Sweden.

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    Vikingliv is the museum for anyone who wants to get an insight into life during the Viking era and experience one of history's most mythical spells. Here is Ragnfrids Saga, an 11-minute viking trip, which invites the visitor to a dramatic story about a family's life in the 9th century.

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    Visit Stockholm

    Stockholm is known as the capital of Scandinavia, and is situated where Lake Mälaren meets the open sea. It’s often said that Stockholm is a cosmopolitan city, but where you'll find a small town charm around the corner. Stockholm is one of the world's most beautiful cities built on 14 islands surrounded by water so clean that you can swim in the city center.

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    Aquaria Vattenmuseum