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    Baltic Pro Fishing Guide - Fishing Adventure in Stockholm Archipelago

    We start from the area around Vaxholm and Åkersberga and fish up north to Furusund through good fishing waters, where I have good local knowledge. Pike, Bass, Perch and Sea Trout is what we want on the hook, and we adapt the fishery according to season and your own wishes.

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    Bike Sweden - bike rental, guided tours and sightseeing in Stockholm

    Rent a bike in Stockholm or join our bike sightseeing where we show you all from the city's most famous landmarks and unknown gems to the Stockholm national city park. We also arrange 3-6 day bicycle trips from Stockholm

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    Ett stort utbud av varumärken för bilreservdelar till rimliga priser, alla reservdelar kan köpas från en enda källa. Bildelarstore.se

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    Dalarö Tourist Office

    Dalarö is all the way out in the Stockholm archipelago but only 40 km from Stockholm C and is easily reached by commuter train and bus, boat or own car. Dalarö is "oozing" with culture and nature is constantly fascinating. Contact the tourist office and we will arrange guided visits for smaller and larger groups.

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    Europes largest dinosaur exibithion - A world of Dinosaurs - in Kalmar

    Nowhere else in Europe, you can see more dinosaurs than with us. More than 100 skeletons and "living" dinosaurs are hungry for you to comebvisit. Read more on our website.

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    Excellent Guiding Sweden - Events, Conference & Guiding in Gothenburg & Stockholm

    Excellent Guiding is run by experienced authorized guide, Anne Price Johansson. We help you give more meaning to your visit to Gothenburg and Stockholm. Guiding is far more than a mere stroll in a city and talk about historic buildings. Guided tours can start already in the car or in bus from the airport for that matter. By bus, limousine, Segway, boat or a walk?

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    Flen has much to offer in terms of outdoor adventure, recreational and cultural activities. If you are looking for environments where you may be able to unwind and recover energy, some of our castles and conference facilities offer you a pleasant stay with high class dining experiences.

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    Fotografiska Museet

    Fotografiska is much more than a museum, it is a forum for photography, learning and artistic experiences. Fotografiska show four major and twenty minor exhibitions a year, world known photographers as well as local talent. The exhibitions are to show a diversity of images that engages and inspires a dialogue on contemporary photography