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  1. Camping

    Gäddede Camping & Cabins

    Gaddede is nestled among the Jämtland Frostviksfjällen. Here you can live and thrive in a night, a week, morning and evening, spring summer autumn and winter.

  2. Accommodation

    Gyllene Hornet Hotel & Resort, Tällberg

    With glorious views of Lake Siljan in the idyllic village of Tällberg you will find Gyllene Hornet Hotel & Resort. We are a family friendly hotel with a focus on delicious food, cozy atmosphere, this is both children and adults equally welcome. One of the hotel's main attractions is the 28 degrees hot and 20-meter indoor pool. There are also meeting rooms, spa, gymnasium, mini golf, etc.

  3. Accommodation

    Halmstad - Destination Halmstad in Halland

    Turn loose with concert by the sea or sit back in one of the many outdoor cafe . Maybe you prefer a spin on a dance floor, or gospel concert in Gullbranna. In Gyllene Tider's hometown the festivities come one after the other.

  4. Accommodation

    High Chaparral

    High Chaparral is an amusement park with a Wild West theme. Here, you are transported to an epoch that reflects 1870s America. At High Chaparral you are a part of the adventure.

  5. Conference

    Ichiban Event - Luxury Conference Sailing Boat Stockholm Archipelago

    The Stockholm archipelago with its 35,000 islands is considered by many to be one of the world's most beautiful archipelago. Sailing across the bays, glide through the narrow straits then anchor in one of the hundreds of stunning natural bays will be an unforgettable experience for the participants. That you sail the very big SWAN-boats, the Rolls Royce, make it something special even for experienced sailors. All great sailors have dreamed of standing at the helm of one.

  6. Activities

    Inland Railway

    The classic way to travel the Inland Railway is the power car (Y1) or railbus as it's known locally and is a day train. In the railbus everbody rides in the same car, we usually run with 1-2 carts, about 60 to 130 seats, and you can not walk between the cars along the way but stops at idyllic stations are numerous, festive and eventful. Choose your own pace and meet nature, culture and interesting people at your own pace.

  7. Accommodation

    Isaberg Mountain Resort - Skiing in Smaland Sweden - Adventure mountain & Moose Park

    At Isaberg you have plenty of opportunities for an active holiday, with most activities on your doorstep. There are good walking trails, you can go canoeing or kayaking, play golf, hire bikes or choose from a range of other exciting activities that will keep you active. During peak season we also offer guided adventure activities.

  8. Attractions

    Jamtli - Museum in Ostersund

    Every year, approximately 200,000 visitors come to Jamtli in Östersund. Many of them are families with children. Some are interested in history, others make a visit just to have a nice day in a different environment. In the summer it will be especially magical when Jamtli Historieland opens the doors!