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    Experience Ängelholm with a genuine character of a modern shopping town. The Centre is well composed almost along one single street, Storgatan with a large range of mainly clothing stores. There are also shops with quality design in furniture, jewelry, glass, porcelain, leather goods, ceramics, frames and much more. The shops offer personalized service and will gladly give advise if desired.

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    Skåne - The best of both worlds

    Skåne offers innovative, different and genuine experiences within easy distance. Vast plains, rolling fields of rapeseed and 400 kilometers coast on three sides by white sand beaches, but also the deep forests in the central and northeastern parts and steep cliffs in the northwest.

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    Skånes Djurpark Resort - Animal Park in Skane

    Skåne Zoo is one of southern Sweden's most popular destination with over 200,000 visitors each year and the world's largest zoo with Scandinavian animals. In the zoo's beautiful scenery you can experience hundreds of wild and domestic animals of more than 80 Nordic species and you can amuse yourself with a variety of activities. Each season has its own charm and the zoo is open daily the year round.

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    Snälltåget - train to Malmö, Stockholm, Åre and Berlin

    Our mission is that drivs us at Snälltåget is to give our customer a better travel at a better price. We have two trains which we operate between Malmö and Stockholm.

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    Ales stenar

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    Arnolds Kannibalmuseum

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    Axel Ebbes konsthall