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  1. Conference

    Excellent Guiding Sweden - Events, Conference & Guiding in Gothenburg & Stockholm

    Excellent Guiding is run by experienced authorized guide, Anne Price Johansson. We help you give more meaning to your visit to Gothenburg and Stockholm. Guiding is far more than a mere stroll in a city and talk about historic buildings. Guided tours can start already in the car or in bus from the airport for that matter. By bus, limousine, Segway, boat or a walk?

  2. Accommodation

    Halmstad - Destination Halmstad in Halland

    Turn loose with concert by the sea or sit back in one of the many outdoor cafe . Maybe you prefer a spin on a dance floor, or gospel concert in Gullbranna. In Gyllene Tider's hometown the festivities come one after the other.

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    Volvo Museum 

  4. Museum


  5. Museum


  6. Museum

    Bohusläns Försvarsmuseum 

  7. Museum

    Bohusläns Museum

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    Cabaret Lorensberg