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    Skansen - Outdoor Museum in Stockholm Sweden

    Skansen is the world's oldest outdoor museum, founded in 1891. Here you can stroll through five centuries of Sweden, the Sami camp in the north to Skåne in the south, all in a total of 300 000 sqm of living history. Feel the history in the historic houses and estates, where chores such as carding, spinning, weaving, cooking and baking is performed by people dressed in period costume. In the gardens and plots around the houses, flowers, fruits and vegetables flourish.

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    Stockholm Tourist Center

    Sweden's capital, Stockholm is spread over 14 islands between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea. In Stockholm, the is lively all year round with lots of attractions, events and activities. There are over 75 museums, 100 art galleries, 70 theaters, 40 theaters and 700 restaurants. Gamla Stan, the oldest part of Stockholm, where most of the houses dates from 1600 - and 1700's.

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    Visit Stockholm

    Stockholm is known as the capital of Scandinavia, and is situated where Lake Mälaren meets the open sea. It’s often said that Stockholm is a cosmopolitan city, but where you'll find a small town charm around the corner. Stockholm is one of the world's most beautiful cities built on 14 islands surrounded by water so clean that you can swim in the city center.