Siljansbadet Camping - Camping in Orsa

Siljanbadets Camping is a Swedish holiday classic with its wonderful, shallow sandy beach under shady pine trees.

The campsite is centrally located within walking distance of Rättviks center. Siljanbadets Camping is a key center in Dalarna close to Santaworld in Gesunda and the Bear Park in Orsa. From Siljanbadet is not far away to anything. The proximity to various events and activities make Siljabadet camping an obvious choice, especially for families with children.

The long sandy beach is perfect for beach volleyball and beach aerobics. Why participate in the contest bingo or take a refreshing walk on the six hundred-meter long bridge. Rent a bike and take a tour of the villages around Rättvik, there are many kilometers of beautiful small roads to discover.

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