Tomteland Santaworld 

All of us have dreamed about being able to climb in through the open story book into the story and the adventure world. To feel like a prince or princess, or the hero who saves the beautiful fairy from the trolls. If only for a day, to live a fabulous adventure alongside fairies and trolls.

Santaworld is a real wonderland that is deeply embedded in the forests adjacent Gesunda mountain just outside Mora. Here, among forests, lakes and waterfalls, Santa's little village and the goblin kingdom, trolls and fairy lands, Forest gnome village and many other mysterious places so far only visited in fairy tales.

Yes, in the fairy-land Santaworld there is never a quiet moment, most exciting things happens all the time. Besides all the drama and adventure scenes in the forests around Santa World's there are a lot of cool things to do and discover on your own ... The trolls hilarious house for example, the sweet magic kids, fishing in the Aurora Lake, carpenter shop, bouncy tent, animals and more.

And do not forget your wish list for Santa Claus! You can be sure to meet him. If you´re an early riser, you can join in and wake him up!

So grab somebody by the hand and step into a world of fantasy, of sorcery and magic.

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