Skånes Djurpark Resort - Animal Park in Skane

Skåne Zoo is one of southern Sweden's most popular destination with over 200,000 visitors each year and the world's largest zoo with Scandinavian animals. In the zoo's beautiful scenery you can experience hundreds of wild and domestic animals of more than 80 Nordic species and you can amuse yourself with a variety of activities. Each season has its own charm and the zoo is open daily the year round.

In Skåne Zoo, we have both wild and domestic animals. Wild animals all have one thing in common. They are, or have been, in the wild in the Nordic Region.

The tame animals are all old Nordic breeds. Because of modern agriculture, most of them are sadly endangered and Skåne Zoo, see it as very important to participate in the conservation of these animals. On the park's 100 hectares large area with varied nature, there are hundreds of animals of more than 80 different species.

Foxes, bears and majestic elk - in Skåne Zoo the wilderness is just around the corner.

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