Täby Centrum

Welcome to Täby Centrum!

Täby Centrum is one of the largest shopping malls in Sweden, only 15 minutes from Stockholm East Station with Roslagsbanan. Here you will find everything and more in our 160 stores and restaurants. We also have a cinema as well as other services such as banking, postal and family doctor´s office. There are approximately 1,800 parking spaces adjacent to Taby Centrum, where we offer our guests three hours free parking with a parking disc.

2015 - New Täby Centrum

New Täby Centrum is expected to be completed in 2015. The renewal will take place both inside and out and the number of stores expected to increase from 160-230 during this period.

In October 2011, phase 1 of the transformation to create new Täby Centrum will be completed. As we inaugurate the new, fresh and modern square which has a new ceiling that uses the sun's light, new cafes and shops on level 1 will have new fronts which are also moved out.

In the autumn of 2013 the inauguration of phase 2 will be held. Then the northern facade today facing Attundafälts parking will have been completed and given Täby Centrum an additional 14 000 square meter with space for shops and lounges. 2013 also sees the completion of the top modern underground parking garage, which covers three floors and a total of about 1,200 new parking spaces.

During the fall of 2014 phase 3 ends and then the southern façade have been increased by about 14 000 square meters. When the entire New Täby Centrum is set in 2015, it will cover an area of 78 000 square meters with space for about 230 stores.

Welcome to Täby Centrum!

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