Swedish Museum of Natural History - Museum in Stockholm

For example, you can join us on a journey through time and space resulting from human development in 7 million years, check out the long-range meteorites and sparkling gems, or take a look at the five-meter-long squid. Both children and adults can all help to look for Mulles red feather that is hidden somewhere among all the museum's animals and do not forget to pay the gigantic dinosaurs a visit!

Or perhaps you want to go see a movie on Cosmonova´s 760-square-foot movie screen that gives you the feeling of being on the spot, right in the adventure? At Cosmonova you get the urge to reach out to pet a dinosaur, and hold your breath while swimming underwater. Travel to fascinating places on earth or out into the infinite universe. In the digital 3D films you will get closer to the action than you thought was possible ...

Just for the curious!

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