Salong Natticole

The hairdresser who gives more than a haircut.

We do not just give our customers an unbeatable hair dressing, we want to give love. Each treatment begins with washing and massage accompanied by relaxing music. The visit to the family-run salon Natticole will be an experience and a quiet moment to do good for the entire well-being.

We started to make plans when we were both on maternity and the name Natticole is a concoction of our children's names, Nattalie, Nicole and Leo tells the owner My Valadi. They have recently opened their first salon but already plans to open more. We will grow and expand, eventually want to have a chain.

As a trained makeup artist and hairdresser, I am of course aware of the latest fashions but you must never become a slave to trends. I always start from the customer's colors and what they will fit in, says Mina Valadi.

Welcome to Salon Natticole in Stockholm

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