Gjestgifveri Sommarhagen

In the midst of a fantastic nature, far away from stress and everyday life you will find Gjestgifveri Sommarhagen. With only 3 hours drive from Stockholm or Gothenburg, you will find this an idyllic place where you wake up to silence - or birds chirping and the winds breeze.

15 clean rooms awaits you in this the carefully renovated, family parsonage from the 1600s. Our talented chefs offer delicious food made from local ingredients such as fresh whitefish from Lake Sommens clear water or deer from the woods nearby.

We can also offer you a variety of activities - everything from outdoor hot tub and spa treatments to wine tastings.

We tailor your experience, whether you want a relaxing weekend with your partner or a friendly get-together with family and friends.

We offer both relaxation and comfort - all year round.

Welcome here to us on Sommarhagen

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