Outdoor Events - Summer and winter activities for business groups

Arrangement for about 5 - 50 persons " Action by Sailing +" means that we are happy to arrange sailing on both ice and water as a mood booster at customer events or kickoffs. Often as an energy boost before important management group or business meetings before future plans are in the making. The plus sign means that we have more experience in addition to or which of course can be booked separately to accommodate the entire group. No activity requires prior knowledge.

Here we are

We usually produce events in the Stockholm archipelago or the Lake Siljan in Dalarna. Fixed sites we start from are: Nacka Strand , Kajplats 18 on Strandvägen or Viggbyholm and Mora in Dalarna. Boats and materials are loaded on large trailers so we can get to a desired conference venue anywhere in the country.

And what can be reserved?

We cooperate with many taverns and conference hotel in the Stockholm archipelago and Dalarna. Safety equipment and clothes available to lend for all guests and you will always get a coach on hand. Besides everything from fishing to exciting lectures via subcontractors, we have the following self-produced range of activities :

- Trimaran Sailing Seacart 26 or Sailing with Melges-24. Apr - October.

- Ice sailing with ice yacht or with Kitewing . December - March .

- RIB-Speedboat charter in 12-passenger boats. When there is no ice .

- Snowshoe or Ice skating. December - March .

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