Snälltåget - train to Malmö, Stockholm, Åre and Berlin

Our mission is that drivs us at Snälltåget is to give our customer a better travel at a better price. We have two trains which we operate between Malmö and Stockholm.

In the winter our service stretches to Sweden's winter paradise, Åre, and in the spring and summer to trendy Berlin. Yes, Snälltåget is smaller than most of the Rail Service companies in Sweden. This is the reason we can give you the best personable travel experice. As our customer, we want you to feel seen and heard. We want you to feel welcome.

We want to give you the best service possible. We also have a real restaurant with every train. WIth hot meals, cold drinks and an unbeatable athomsphere we can call our restaurang car "Krogen" or "The Pub", when translated from Swedish

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