Inland Railway

The Railbus

The classic way to travel the Inland Railway is the power car (Y1) or railbus as it's known locally and is a day train. In the railbus everbody rides in the same car, we usually run with 1-2 carts, about 60 to 130 seats, and you can not walk between the cars along the way but stops at idyllic stations are numerous, festive and eventful. Choose your own pace and meet nature, culture and interesting people at your own pace.

Train hosts

Train hosts talk about the rich history of the cultural landscape, attractions and activities. Before the food and coffee stop they take up your order so that you will quickly and easily be able to get it delivered and ready at the stop.

Inlandsbanan Card and packages

An Inland Railway Card you can during 14 days create your own trip between Kristinehamn and Gällivare Gällivare - Kristinehamn and serves as a train off and on card. Our experience of packages with different themes include travel by Inland railway, hotel accommodations and activities / excursions. 

Steam train

Keep the steam up! Take the chance to during an evening and experience the most genuine train romanticism that exist. Take a seat in the historic wagons from the 30's and enjoy the wilderness scenery all to the sound of how a "real" train should sound.

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