Excellent Guiding Sweden - Events, Conference & Guiding in Gothenburg & Stockholm

Excellent Guiding is run by experienced guide, Anne Price Johansson. We help you give more meaning to your visit to Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Guiding is far more than a mere stroll in a city and talk about historic buildings. Guided tours can start already in the car or in bus from the airport for that matter. By bus, limousine, Segway, boat or a walk? In large or small group? Your needs determine.

You'll learn about our history, and it´s going on right now and of course also about the future. What ever wishes you may have, we can provide the guide service you need during your visit. Do you have business visitors? Or do you arrange a meeting? Want to make a good impression right from the airport? We offer guided tours also for companies and organizations. We have extensive experience of all this. Here are some of the parts we offer: Conferences / Hospitality Desk, Transfers and Events. Please visit our website for more information about what we offer

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