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The house size is on par with the largest of Sweden's state museums and exhibition institutions. Yet the architect Johan Nyrén managed to create a building that breathes of nature, clad in tarred, wane edge redwood planks and carefully positioned among pine trees and cliffs overlooking Baggensfjärden. A basic idea was that visitors already in the entrance hall would be met by the four elements: fire crackling in the great fireplace. The soil and rock on which the house rests. The clear air and the sparkling waters that surround and frames. Artipelag has a lot to offer for those who are interested in nature and architecture - the walkway leading up to the sedum clothed roof, the huge flat rock in the restaurant and the beautiful sloping walls of the smaller art rooms. Many believe that Johan Nyrén with this his last work, will write the international architectural history .


The location is chosen with great care. We were looking for something that was close to Stockholm but still had all the characteristics of the unique Swedish archipelago - fresh air, sparkling water, cliffs, beaches, and rich flora and fauna . Here at Hålludden, about 20 km east of Stockholm, we found the dream plot. If you want to roam freely along one of the nature trails, there is plenty of space, the property is as big as 36 football fields - 22 acres in all. In addition, a long stretch of beautiful, wide wooden planks leading from the docks through the varied landscape and up to the main building. This means that disabled people can now experience the pristine archipelago.


Founded in 2000, Björn Jakobson, founder of the famous company Baby Bjorn, had the idea to create a beautiful building for arts and cultural experiences anywhere in the archipelago. Perhaps he saw it as a way to, after many successful years in Swedish industry, manifest his own large natural interest - along with his wife Lillemors background in art and design. Maybe he wanted to give something of everything given that he spent a long life in the archipelago with numerous sailing and skating tours. Either way, everyone can now enjoy the result of his vision of the exquisitely beautiful Hålludden at Baggensfjärden in Värmdö .


Artipelag is not only a venue for exciting art, natural beauty and good food. The 10,400 -square-foot building fits from large TV recordings, banquets, galas, product launches, launches, fashion shows and fairs - for smaller conferences and private events.

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