Kosta Boda Art Hotel

Welcome to the unique Kosta Boda Art Hotel in the Kingdom of Crystal. A world of color, shape and enjoyment welcome ! Here you'll find everything you could want for your body and soul . Find your inner balance and renew their strength and power from a combination of exercise, rest and pampering treatments . Enjoy a swim in our fabulous pool with glass art exhibition under water, sauna and spend a moment in our modern fitness center or take part one of the workouts.

The restaurant invites to classical local flavors in harmony with well-selected drinks that creates an unforgettable and tasteful experience. Enjoy a la carte in the restaurant. Why not upgrade your supper to a five-course or try a wine tasting with our sommelier ?

Round off the evening in the lit cobalt blue glass bar that takes you to another world. Kosta Boda designer Kjell Engman have created a unique environment with glass fish swimming in the water , table lamps created as large bottles and beautiful glass stalagtites hanging glittering from the ceiling. The environment is perfect to unwind and enjoy the company of good friends .

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