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SwedenCamping.se and TouristguideSweden will work to create accessibility in Sweden. We want to encourage the tourism industry in Sweden to consider accessibility wherever possible. Whatever your disability, you should be able to travel and enjoy your holiday in Sweden.

TouristguideSweden presents accommodation, attractions, activities, and conference facilities where your holiday will be relaxing without obstacles.

You can easily find our symbol on the destinations and the facilities where they work with accessibility in different degrees. You have a contact person at each place where you can find the symbol.

Does it cost anything to enter accessibility information for my facility?

No, it is free but the following criterias must be met:

- Lift if you have stairs

- Wheelchair accessible rooms

- Bathroom accessibility

- No thresholds

- Door opener (if not automatic)

- Accessible parking

- Contact with telephone number

For more information, please contact:

Morgan Rosenberg

+46(0)8-509209 99

TouristguideSweden - Accessibility in Sweden

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