Arbetets museum - The Work Museum - Museum & Conference in Norrkoping Sweden

The Work Museum in the center of Norrköping's unique industrial landscape, housed in the iconic building Strykjärnet. (The Iron) In a large number of temporary exhibitions people's work and daily life is described in our seven floors. Here work and working conditions come alive in exhibitions, seminars and program activities.

New major exhibition - FUTURE LAND 2014-2019.

FUTURE LAND, Museum of Work biggest ever, focuses on tomorrow's work and daily life. The exhibition takes the pulse of our present and shows ways into a future that takes climate change seriously. How should we live, eat, travel, work, educate us? What do we want? What is sustainable? What can you and I do? The exhibition is meant to be a tool box for a sustainable future.

In the EWK museum there is a permanent exhibition on Ewert Karlsson, better known under the signature EWK. He was one of Sweden's best known political cartoonists and the exhibit tells all about his life and work. There is also a gallery of almost 2000 of EWK 's drawings, temporary exhibitions as well as pictures of other political cartoonists .

The Museum of Swedish Working Life preserves industrial society's cultural heritage and talk about work and jobs that no longer exist. The Work Museum is a museum with a difference - a venue that give impressions of all senses. Welcome to be touched, disgusted and inspired!

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