The magician - Mr. Dannyman

Let the Magician Mr. Dannyman become the highlight of your next event!

Magic is something that appeals to both young and old, across all social, economic, religious and political boundaries - simply fun for everyone! You get the chance to in an easy and entertaining way to experience something new, that push the boundaries of reality, stimulates the imagination, playing with the laws of physics and gives insight that there are new ways of seeing the world than you are used to.

Mr. Dannyman has over 30 years experience in this, with thousands of performances in the trunk and innumerable racing titles. He offers magic in virtually all forms (mingling, close up, parlor, stage, children, adults, schools, team building, games, activities, etc.) and may also, on request, special customization tricks, giveaways, and the whole performances that highlight a product, concept or event.

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