Hotel Åsen Sweden Hotels

Hotel Åsen Sweden Hotels offers a variety of nice packages for families and groups! How about skiing or golf at Isaberg? Wild West Adventure on High Chaparral The hotel is for the companies dense region a legendary hotel and venue with motorsport nostalgia from Scandinavian Raceway heyday in the 70 - and 80's. The raceway is located a stone's throw from the hotel and is today the subject of various fast paced activities. The hotel has recently renovated restaurant and bar.

The hotel with 32 rooms and its conference rooms for 2 to 100 people, is in a prime location in the center of Anderstorp with great stores for happy shopping. In close proximity there is also opportunities for recreation in the sports center and swimming pool or jogging tracks.

The proximity to Isaberg winter and summer, and High Chaparral are two more good reasons to visit. Welcome to stay, eat and meet with us!

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