Bring memories to life, take part in exciting stories. Play in our fairytale setting, try digital pistol shooting, driving electric cars or produce your own souvenir. During the summer, the entire facility is open. Then you can meet with our landlords who tell their own stories - some from his life as a professional military and others about their hobbies.

For all the children we have play facilities everywhere. Among other things, electric cars, a spy hideout and a play-land inspired by Jan Lööf tales. For those of you who are a bit older try our digitally pistol - and some days the Viggen simulator. On Teknikland we have small mischievous goblins, ellopser who eats electronics. If you are lucky, you can see traces of them.

KomTeks workshop holds classes for children in various types of technology. It can be anything from robot design to boxcar building, model or maybe pottery and wool. During the summer, you can make your own souvenir to take home. You can also test your knowledge in our query wheel or have fun in our playroom.

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