WellTrips.com is a site that was launched 2014 and is growing both in popularity and in the number of travellers. The reason is simply that WellTrips has made it much easier to find hotels with accessibility and good facilities that previously took hours to find. If you wanted to book a hotel if you are a senior or if you have a disability you where forced to visit several travel sites and hotels to find out if they have accessibility or not. Now WellTrips has collected all the hotels at one site.

Someone who worked hard for this site is Sebastian Forsén. He has a spinal cord injury and has been in a wheelchair since his accident 11 years ago, and he is also a recognized "globe-trotter". Sebastian cannot stay at home for too long and love´s to travel. He has for many years tried to look up and tried to find the hotels that are suitable when you're in a wheelchair, which was very time consuming. And when he heard of the WellTrips project, he quickly joined the company as he loved the idea and realized it would help very much in the booking process.

Our Sales Manager Morgan Rosenberg has been diagnosed with SMA III, which is a neuromuscular disease. "- It feels great to be able to offer our customers hotels with accessibility and good facilities. WellTrips facilitates traveling if you have a disability or if you are a senior, this means no uncertainty about the journey and all focus is solely on experiences".

So if you are a senior and looking for convenience or if you have a disability and are looking for accessibility visit our website.

WellTrips - Hotels with Accessibility in Sweden and the world

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