Soderarm - Hotel & Conference in Stockholm Archipelago

You can rent one or more of the houses, Kuling (7 beds), Bris (6 beds), Luckan (5 beds) and Stiltje (6 beds) for their own housing = self-catering. All the houses except Stiltje has its own kitchen. Each house has kitchen equipped for the number of beds available. It is quite modern.

If you are more people than can fit in a house you must hire Markan for common meals. All houses are featured on the homepage. Look at the photo gallery under the respective house name. When you rent the house you have access to 2 kayaks, 1 rowboat, fisching rods and a some play materials. If you are at least 10 people you can get food from us via catering. The entire island has wireless WiFi. Obviously, you can get full board !!! However, you must be at least 6 people

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