The Kingdom of Crystal - Hotel & Museum in Smaland

In the Kingdom of Crystal glass have been blown since 1742. Together with the glassblowers, designers constantly challenge the possibilities of the glass and numerous glass blowing marking technologies have been tried out in the Smaland blowing rooms. Today the visitors will meet both utility glass and art glass in the world and you are welcome right up to the glass furnaces to see when it is created

The Kingdom of Crystal in Smaland have more than a million visitors each year. Many return again and again, to see the glass being made you will get tired on. But outside the heat of the glass houses there is much to experience. Here you will find both cultural history, a multitude of outdoor experiences and a wide variety of shopping and other activities. Why not go fishing in one of the many lakes, bike trolley on one of the old railways or take a course to self-learn the basics of glassblowing.

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