Ichiban Event - Luxury Conference Sailing Boat Stockholm Archipelago

The Stockholm archipelago with its 35,000 islands is considered by many to be one of the world's most beautiful archipelago. Sailing across the bays, glide through the narrow straits then anchor in one of the hundreds of stunning natural bays will be an unforgettable experience for the participants. That you sail the very big SWAN-boats, the Rolls Royce, make it something special even for experienced sailors. All great sailors have dreamed of standing at the helm of one.

We organize conferences / sailing trips on which you can reach new levels and enhance the creative thinking among participants. This commitment will be higher and the participants more creative when you move the discussion from traditional seatings for positive environments with common activities. We create dynamics in the meeting through the collaboration in new forms and in a limited area, there are stable and long-term relationships built up. You bring together the giant yacht from one port to another, giving a sense of community and mutual dependence that makes this event to your meeting is talked about a long time. Ten or 200 guests go just as well, we mix sailing and meeting a fruitful conference.

In small groups, it is fine to hold meetings and discussions in the salon, anchored some in a quiet bay. If you are many moors we Swan yachts at some of the archipelago's conference facilities, and use their conference room. Food and drink are an important part of the conference and life on board. Our professional chef ensures that the food will be another highlight of the event and includes everything from snacks to three-course dinner. Or why not have a barbecue buffet on the rocks? Do you want to sail in waters it is of course fine too. Only your imagination limits how our events can be designed. Contact us for discussion and suggestions.

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